Thursday, November 13, 2008


I would like to kill the dumb duck who came up with the "Why?" word. This word is used at least hundred times a day by the girls. "Why can't I go outside and jump on the tramp in the rain and 20 degree weather?" "Why can't I have candy just before dinner?" "Why can't I have ice cream for breakfast?" "Why do I need to wear shoes when it's raining?" "Why are we having that for dinner?" "Why do I need to take a bath/shower?" "Why can't we drink red juice in the family room with the new carpet?" "Why can't we jump on the new furniture?" Why why why. Example, today Emily came up stairs (Her room is now in the finished basement-Yeah) dressed in shorts, T-shirt and flip flops. "Emily," I said, "You can't wear that today." The dreaded "Why Mom?" Gee, let me think. It's 30 degrees outside, summer ended 3 months ago and because I said so. Any other questions? Maybe I'm too strict with the girls. Then again, I am a Mom.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bedtime--A Three Ring Circus

Bedtime at our home is a complete out of control experience. At first you think that things will go smoothly. It starts out fairly normal. The girls brush their teeth. We have family prayer and we send their sweet little spirits to bed. Every night we think that maybe this night will be an exception to every other night and they will go to bed willingly and without complaint. Ahhh....not so. What are we thinking?? Tonight was no exception. I have never seen my children so hungry and thirsty than I do at bedtime. They could care less if they eat three meals a day but it is totally amazing that they all of a sudden become hungry and thirsty at straight up eight o'clock. Tonight for instance, Kayla came out for a glass of water. I haven't seen this child take so long to drink water. Normally she drinks it so fast that it escapes through the sides of her mouth. She then said to us in her best Johnny Carson voice, "Good night. Love you all." Then Emily came out and informed us that Kayla and Hannah were jumping off of the window seat onto the bed. Dad put a stop to that immediately. Then Emily came out again and said that Hannah won't be quiet so that she could go to sleep. Again Dad's turn. A few minutes later, Hannah came out and informed us that she wasn't tired and was not going to bed. We promptly sent her back to bed and she walked into the bedroom and informed her sisters, "They just don't understand us." It usually takes us a good hour sometimes longer to get everyone settled. This actually was an easy night. Bedtime--a three ring circus.