Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time Away

This past weekend, we traveled to Mount Pleasant to spend time at my cousin's cabin with my parents. What a lovely time. We were able to 4-wheel and enjoy each other's company. Squirrels and chipmunks were everywhere. They would come up to you and you could feed them right out of your hand and we saw several deer.

Saturday night, we went to Manti to see the Morman Miracle Pageant. It was spectacular. Mark has never seen the Manti Temple and he commented on how beautiful it was. The girls enjoyed every minute and the weather was fabulous. It is amazing how much the girls know about the gospel. It must be their great Primary teachers. The gospel is true, my friends. You can not watch the pageant and not feel the spirit.
Emily and Kayla are able to spend a couple of extra days with the grandparents. Hannah was not happy about this and still reminds me about it. Her time with come. I have enjoyed spending time with just Hannah. She has been my little friend. I can't wait for Em and Kay to get home. I miss them.
Enjoy summer why we can. It's over before you know it.