Monday, January 17, 2011

It has been a long time

Well, well, well. It has been a very very long time. Unfortunately not alot has happened. (dang it) Birthdays, holidays and trips have all been a part of our lives.

August started another school year. Emily joined the ranks of being in the oldest grade in elementary school. The big 6th grade. She is enjoying being able to tell the younger grades what to do, how to do it and when to do it. (JK) She is really blossoming into a beautiful young lady. Kayla joined the ranks of 4th grade and is quite the math quiz. She is sailing right through school. She thoroughly enjoys it. Hannah is in 1st grade and LOVES it. She adjusted really well in going all day as well as her Mom. She loves to read and does very well in math. (She has to keep up with the older sisters and refuses to be out done.)

October brought another birthday for Hannah. I can't believe that she is 7. (almost 8 now) She is absolutely hilarious and keeps us laughing. She is very charming (and knows it), at times, too big for her britches. She is beautiful with her long blonde curls and has beautiful blue eyes.

December brought Emily her 12th birthday and the privilege of entering Young Womens. Wow is all I can say about it. She is taller than her Mom now (which really isn't tough to do) and is quite a beautiful young lady. She babysits and like do it. She is also a huge help around the house and is an awesome big sister.

Kayla will turn 10 February 1. Again....Wow. She is beautiful, as well. She is very loving and kind and is always looking for hugs. She has lots of friends and is always looking to play.

Mark just got back from a week long business trip to Seattle. He was missed in our home. We are glad he made it back safely. While he was there, Seattle received 5 inches of snow and just about shut the city down. (lightweights) He brought back t-shirts for his girls (including his main girl.....that would be Me) and they loved them. He is so thoughtful.

Well...this has been our life in a nutshell. not too exciting but enough to keep it interesting. Until next time........

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