Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Car trouble

Last Monday, I was coming home from Salt Lake and was stopped at the light at the off-ramp from I-15 to Antelope Drive. The light turned green and I pushed on the gas pedal and the van died. Fortunately the van started and I was able to get around the corner (out of the intersection luckily) and it died again and would not start. People were honking and no one would stop to help me. I knew that there would be a benefit working for the Syracuse Police. I called them and they put me in contact with Layton City who contacted the Highway Patrol. This is the kicker......I think I was old enough to be the MOTHER of the trooper that showed up. He was very kind and pushed me into the parking lot of Davis County Hospital. I can imagine the conversation that night when this nice trooper went home.... the 20 year old wife, "How was your day, honey?" The 22 year old trooper, "It was boring..I did help a little old lady with car trouble get her van out of traffic."

It was determined that the fuel pump was out on the van. It was replaced and back on the road the next day.

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