Friday, February 26, 2010

Hannah's new language

One morning this week, Hannah announced to me that she had learned a new language. I said,"Oh really? What is it?" I was thinking that she was talking about German due to the fact that Mark knows German and speaks German often to the girls. She sat at the counter with a big smile and very proudly said,"It's fartenese." I had to mop up the pee off the floor.

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Adam and Bri VanSleeuwen said...

LOL, oh my goodness that girl knows how to make us laugh! We miss Hannah sitting on our laps during sacrament. Adam will never forget how he was in nursery for the first time with his new calling and Hannah came up to him with brown stuff in her hand and said, "I'm poopy". This last weekend we had the same exact experience with Brody, ha ha. I never thought that this could possibly happen to us, yea right anything's possible.